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Introduction: Because It’s There
As the first black woman to mount the highest peak on earth that is Mt. Everest, Saray Khumalo draws a picture of her journey through a series of dramatic events that include the idea of never giving up in order to achieve personal excellence. These events culminate into a metaphor about climbing the mountain of life, and leadership.
Episode 1: Taking up space with Ms. Metsi Makhetha
In an era of #MeToo, women are proving to be resilient than ever. They are now challenging long standing partriarchy that has defined the current world as we know it. From Kamala Harris being declared the first woman to hold the position of vice president of the United States all the way to the girl child in the continent of Africa getting to know her value, WOMEN are ‘taking up space’. On the first episode Saray Khumalo connects with Ms. Metsi Makhetha, a woman who has led by example and taking up space in her chosen field. Metsi has over 25 years of experience working with multilateral institutions and leading multidisciplinary teams, supporting political transitions, facilitating development Programs, and delivering humanitarian Services. In 2016, she was appointed the United Nations Representative in Burkina Faso. In this capacity, she is the official Representative of the United Nations Secretary General and is responsible for ensuring coordination and coherence of UN operations.
Episode 2 : Keeping the dream alive with Khanyi Chaba
Holding things together whilst running the marathon of life requires us to have a spiritual bedrock in place. Our beliefs support our journeys as we keep the dream of a break through alive. On this episode, Saray Khumalo has a conversation with Khanyi Chaba about her belief system, the art of dreaming and the life sherpas in her personal and professional life. Chaba is the Head of Responsible Business at Old Mutual Limited and leads the company’s sustainable development strategy across the 13 countries in the continent. Next to that Khanyi is a seasoned marathon runner and has summited Kilimanjaro and Mt.Elbrus

Episode 3 : Managing the feedback loop with Dr. Lulu Gwagwa

Human beings have always relied on communication as a survival tool. On this episode of Because It’s There, Saray Khumalo unpacks the role of communication – as an act of call and response – by looking at the idea of Managing the feedback loop. Khumalo has a companion in Dr. Lulu Gwagwa to achieve this. Dr. Lulu Gwagwa is an accomplished business leader, development planner and philanthropist among many other hats she wears. As an academic she’s a graduate of the  University of Natal’s Planning School where she completed her Masters in Town and Regional Planning. From there Dr Gwagwa went to the London School of Economics and Political Science where she graduated cum laude with an M.Sc, and holds a PhD from University College London. More recently, Dr Gwagwa completed her Masters in Philosophy for St Augustine College South Africa.

Episode 4 : On Innovation with Jolande and Alexia Duvenage

The world is awash with innovation at every turn, but what is innovation at the end of the day if not a search for meaning ? On this episode, Saray Khumalo has a conversation with
mother and daughter, Jolande and Alexia Duvenage about their journeys in unlocking innovation within themselves. Jolande is Chief Imagineer and CEO for First National Bank’s fintech business area called NAV, whilst Alexia Duvenage is headgirl at Dainfer High School, a musician as well as an eco-warrior.


Episode 5 – The extraordinary Reggie Batts

Reggie Batts shares his life journey and experience with us, a clear vision to path of success. Learn how to overcome challenges and excel forward towards your life & profession goals An International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Success Strategist. For over a decade, Reggie was a top producing revenue generator for Tony Robbins and was a member of his Sr. Management team. He’s also worked closely with a host of other well-known branded names in the business. Reggie’s ultimate passion is coaching people and businesses in achieving massive results. His years of experience in management and motivating people, not only to hit their targets, but to exceed them, has earned him praise from people all over the world. As a speaker, he has shared stages with equally amazing individuals from George Ross of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice to NY Times Best Selling Author and the partner of media mogul Oprah Winfrey, Steadman Graham as well as Steve Wozniak who co-founded.

Episode 6 : Taking Up Space with former New Zealand PM Helen Clark

This week on the Because It’s here podcast, Helen Clark joins us to engage the very same topic of Taking Up Space.
Helen Clark is a former New Zealand Prime Minister and a former United Nations Development Programme Administrator. She currently chairs the Boards of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. Helen is also a Co-Chair of The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response mandated by the World Health Assembly to review the internationally coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 7 : The Resilience in us with Marlette De Jager

This week on the Because It’s There- Podcast, Saray Khumalo will interview Marlette De Jager. They will discuss the topic The Resilience within us. Marlette De Jager also knows as “Molly” is a professional speaker, with a passion for inspiring people about living with resilience and fearlessly achieving goals. She has dedicated the past decade to climbing the 7 summits- the highest mountain on each continent. Molly and her team survived earthquakes and avalanches at the Everest base camp while climbing the World’s Highest Mountain. Listen to this meaningful conversation. The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel

Episode 8 : The Playbook of Endurance with Sibusiso Vilane

This week on Because It’s There, Saray Khumalo will interview Sibusiso Vilane. They will discuss the topic, the playbook of endurance. 

Sibusiso Vilane is a South African adventurer and motivational speaker and author of the book To the Top from Nowhere. An adventurer, marathon runner and mountaineer, and expedition leader, he has also served as the Chief Scout of South Africa.

In March 2003, Vilane set off the Himalayas again in his quest to be the first Black African to summit earth’s highest mountain, Everest. He submitted successfully on 26 May 2003 from the South Side. Vilane has completed all Seven Summits. In late 2007 Vilane and fellow mountaineer, Alex Harris, embarked on an unsupported and unassisted trek to reach the South Pole which, when they completed the expedition on 17 January 2008, made Vilane and Harris the first South Africans to walk to the South Pole and Vilane the black person to do so

Listen to this meaningful conversation. The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel.

Episode 9: Teamwork makes the dream work with Diana Kangwa

This week on the Because It’s There- Podcast, Saray Khumalo will interview Diana Kangwa. They will discuss the topic of teamwork makes the dream work.

Diana will share various experiences from her life being a business executive and her adventures as COO / Chief Gamer at Zambia National Commercial Bank.

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Episode 10: The Age of Ideas with Lianne Williams

This week on Because It’s There, Saray Khumalo will interview Lianne Williams. They will discuss the topic- For the Age of Ideas.

Lianne is the Head of Marketing at Vumatel. She also has 16 years of overall experience in the financial services industry with significant experience in Loyalty and Rewards.

Listen to this meaningful conversation. The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel

Episode 11: Born to Run with Anyika Onuora

This Week on the Because It’s There- Podcast, Saray Khumalo will interview Anyika Onuora.
Anyika is a former sprint track and field athlete who competed in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 400 metres, and also the 4×100 metres relay and 4×400 metres relay.


In the 4 x 400 metres relay, Anyika won a World Championship bronze medal in 2015, while in 2016 an individual bronze in the 400 metres, and relay gold in the 4 x 400 metres relay at the European Championships were followed by an Olympic bronze medal in the 4 x 400 metres relay.
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Episode 12: When life is an adventure with Lee Den Hond

This week on the Because It’s There Podcast, Saray Khumalo will be chatting to Lee Den Hond about her journey, insights, and what happens when you say, YES!

Lee is one of two South African Everest summiteers who opened her doors to Saray and gave her the guidance that She needed. She certainly is one of those amazing women that stand on the summit holding the ladders for us all to join in the fun!

Check out the complete episode and learn the true definition of resilience. 

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Episode 13: Managing an executive transition with Folake Adeniyi Adeleye

This Week on the Because It’s There- Podcast, Saray Khumalo will interview Folake Adeniyi Adeleye

Folake Adeniyi Adeleye is an accomplished International HR Leader & Business Partner with 23 years of success designing and leading critical transformation initiatives in fast-paced, constantly changing matrixed environments.

The topic of discussion is Managing an executive transition.

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Episode 14: Dare to Dream with Remy Kloos

This week on the Because It’s There – Podcast, Saray  Khumalo will chat with Remy Kloos

Remy Kloos is a mindset coach, sustainability and wellness specialist, high-altitude mountaineer, and speaker who aims to become the youngest SA to climb 7 summits.

The topic of discussion is Dare to Dream. The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel.

Episode 15:  A conversation with Nontokozo Madonsela


This week on the Because It’s There – Podcast, Saray  Khumalo will chat with Nontokozo Madonsela.

With two decades of experience, Nontokozo is currently the Group Chief Marketing Officer at Momentum Metropolitian Holdings, the 4th largest insurance group in RSA.
The theme of the episode is I am every woman. The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel



Episode 16: A conversation with Kholiwe Makhohliso

This week on the Because It’s There – Podcast, Saray  Khumalo will chat with Kholiwe Makhohliso.

Kholiwe is the VP & Country MD: Software AG South Africa. She boasts a wealth of experience that spans almost 25 years in a meticulously nurtured career in both the public and private sectors.


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Episode 17: A conversation with Sharron McPherson


This week on Because It’s There Podcast, Saray Khumalo chats with Sharron McPherson.

Sharron McPherson is a CEO with both corporate and public policy experience. As an accomplished attorney and financial services executive, she has over 25 years of experience starting, building businesses, and navigating through competitive and complex regulatory environments.

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Episode 18: A conversation with Andy Hadfield

This week on the Because It’s There – Podcast, Saray Khumalo chats with Andy Hadfield.
Andy Hadfield is the former CEO of forgood, an Employee Engagement SaaS company. Andy has had a broad career so far, from a few disruptive startups to working with large corporates on projects that leverage digital channels to transform markets and revenue.
He firmly believes the SME sector can be unleashed through destigmatizing failure, open sharing of knowledge, and a little reduction in ego.
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Episode 19: A conversation with Caleb Swanepoel


This week on Because It’s There Podcast, Saray Khumalo chats with Caleb Swanepoel.

Swanepoel, an athlete, lost his leg in a shark attack in June of 2015, whilst body surfing with his siblings. Since the attack, Swanepoel has completed degrees in acting and business, competed internationally in para-swimming events, and has been able to stay connected to the water.

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Episode 20: A conversation with Nicole Fuller

This week on the Because It’s There Podcast, Saray Khumalo chats with Nicole Fuller.
Nicole has competed as an elite athlete for South Africa, is a mother and a cancer survivor. She now uses her experience to support cancer patients as an oncology patient navigator.
The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel.

Episode 21: A conversation with Cindy Van Wyk 


This week on Because It’s There – Podcast, Saray Khumalo chats with Cindy Van Wyk.  

Cindy is an experienced Business Executive with 22 years of industry knowledge and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Cindy holds a master’s degree in law with a specialization in International Law. On the creative side, she is an award-winning photographer, published author, and produced film screenwriter. 

 She is an environmentalist, a motivational speaker, a bilateral mastectomy, breast and skin cancer survivor, a SanParks honorary ranger with a particular passion for Rhino conservation, a pastoral counsellor, and a Guinness Book of World records holder.

The episode is proudly sponsored by Vumatel.


Episode 22: Service as a virtue with Zureida Ebrahim

This week we have Zureida Ebrahim Zureida Ebrahim is a Financial Services Executive who until recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of Client Engagement Solutions at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. She will soon be taking on a new role as the Chief Operating Officer at Old Mutual Limited. Zureida is married and a mom to a daughter who is currently at university and three teenage boys. Zureida is passionate about people and in particular, the role leaders play in growing people and building diverse, inclusive organizations. She is a strong advocate for the role women play in business. In this episode, Zureida shares knowledgeable insights on how effective service can make a difference, a viewpoint from a leader and consumer perspective


Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded-Jess Lair, author

This episode is special, we have Sam Mokgopha CEO of Kids Heaven. An organization with a mission to reach children in need, especially those without parental care, in providing shelter, protection, education, training, and therapy. Their encouragement results in positive inclusion for discarded, neglected and abused children. Kids Haven is dedicated to the care and protection of vulnerable children, including those with street connections, to support meaningful inclusion in society.

Episode 24 – Risky business  ft. Dr. Brenda Didi-Quvane

What an inspirational life journey – Dr. Brenda Didi-Quvane. Dr. BDQ has extensive enterprise risk management and auditing experience and has worked for 18 years within the financial industry. Her career started off as an IT Auditor and Information Security Specialist with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)and Computer Science Corporation (CSC) respectively and that’s when her knowledge and interest of risk management and information risk started. Listen to the complete interview as she shares some valuable insights from her journey to success

Episode 25 – A roadrunner‘s belief ft. Desmond Dunham

The interesting thing about coaching is that you have to trouble the comfortable, and comfort the troubled – Ric Charlesworth
This is one inspirational conversation you can’t afford to miss – Saray Khumalo with Coach Desmond Dunham. Coach Dunham is a youth sports expert with over two decades of coaching and teaching experience. He has successfully coached youth athletes and teams in cross-country, track & field, basketball, soccer, baseball, and flag football. Most notably, Coach Dunham has had one of the most prolific coaching careers in high school cross-country and track & field. He is one of the most decorated high school coaches in the country and boasts national All-Americans, national championships, and international titles from the short sprints up to the distance events, including cross-country.
Watch/listen to this exciting episode as Coach Desmond Dunham shares his life journey and how he energized young athletes by showing the correct path to them