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Introduction: Because It’s There
As the first black woman to mount the highest peak on earth that is Mt. Everest, Saray Khumalo draws a picture of her journey through a series of dramatic events that include the idea of never giving up in order to achieve personal excellence. These events culminate into a metaphor about climbing the mountain of life, and leadership.
Episode 1: Taking up space with Ms. Metsi Makhetha
In an era of #MeToo, women are proving to be resilient than ever. They are now challenging long standing partriarchy that has defined the current world as we know it. From Kamala Harris being declared the first woman to hold the position of vice president of the United States all the way to the girl child in the continent of Africa getting to know her value, WOMEN are ‘taking up space’. On the first episode Saray Khumalo connects with Ms. Metsi Makhetha, a woman who has led by example and taking up space in her chosen field. Metsi has over 25 years of experience working with multilateral institutions and leading multidisciplinary teams, supporting political transitions, facilitating development Programs, and delivering humanitarian Services. In 2016, she was appointed the United Nations Representative in Burkina Faso. In this capacity, she is the official Representative of the United Nations Secretary General and is responsible for ensuring coordination and coherence of UN operations.
Episode 2 : Keeping the dream alive with Khanyi Chaba
Holding things together whilst running the marathon of life requires us to have a spiritual bedrock in place. Our beliefs support our journeys as we keep the dream of a break through alive. On this episode, Saray Khumalo has a conversation with Khanyi Chaba about her belief system, the art of dreaming and the life sherpas in her personal and professional life. Chaba is the Head of Responsible Business at Old Mutual Limited and leads the company’s sustainable development strategy across the 13 countries in the continent. Next to that Khanyi is a seasoned marathon runner and has summited Kilimanjaro and Mt.Elbrus

Episode 3 : Managing the feedback loop with Dr. Lulu Gwagwa

Human beings have always relied on communication as a survival tool. On this episode of Because It’s There, Saray Khumalo unpacks the role of communication – as an act of call and response – by looking at the idea of Managing the feedback loop. Khumalo has a companion in Dr. Lulu Gwagwa to achieve this. Dr. Lulu Gwagwa is an accomplished business leader, development planner and philanthropist among many other hats she wears. As an academic she’s a graduate of the  University of Natal’s Planning School where she completed her Masters in Town and Regional Planning. From there Dr Gwagwa went to the London School of Economics and Political Science where she graduated cum laude with an M.Sc, and holds a PhD from University College London. More recently, Dr Gwagwa completed her Masters in Philosophy for St Augustine College South Africa.

Episode 4 : On Innovation with Jolande and Alexia Duvenage

The world is awash with innovation at every turn, but what is innovation at the end of the day if not a search for meaning ? On this episode, Saray Khumalo has a conversation with
mother and daughter, Jolande and Alexia Duvenage about their journeys in unlocking innovation within themselves. Jolande is Chief Imagineer and CEO for First National Bank’s fintech business area called NAV, whilst Alexia Duvenage is headgirl at Dainfer High School, a musician as well as an eco-warrior.